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Before Facebook designer Maschmeyer met freelance letterer and illustrator Hische , he was considering an RGB tattoo. “I convinced him it would be ‘conceptually stronger’ if I got the CMYK version of the same tattoo,” enthuses Hische, who’s now engaged to him. “He was a little freaked out about having a couple’s tattoo, but the more we talked about it the more it made sense. Russ got  additive colour (RGB) since his career passions were primarily screen-based; I got subtractive colour (CMYK) because I started my career in print design.”

Tattoo artist:

Virgina Elwood,


Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world. It dates to 870, but having been continually built and rebuilt numerous times by several different ruling empires ever since, it contains a wild variety of architectural styles. Four separate palaces, as well as four churches and numerous other buildings and gardens, are all part of the castle complex. 

The castle is currently home to the Czech crown jewels, several museums, as well as being the seat of the head of state of the Czech Republic.

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